Sohaam (So - Haam)

“While you are Him, learn to become Him” - revealed as Purusha Soham Asmi - पुरुषः सोऽहमस्मि – translated, “I, Purusha within You” - Isha Upanishad, Hymn 16

So Ha’am - two entities separated by their functions while they support a common cause and its failure. Sohaam is a concept, a principle - more than mere word. It signifies the meeting point of opposites. As a coin has its obverse, at its end it converges to a Yoga – a sum of opposites to further the cause.

Forces, diametrically opposite, converge in a world defined by Sohaam. Such as in our breathing, we inhale, and we exhale – two opposite forces. Unless we view the actions from the lenses of philosophy, such forces appear to oppose only; but while they oppose, they serve a purpose – a purpose not quite apparent in that sphere of thought.

Where does Sohaam fit?

Think of the cause-and-effect theory, especially its logic. The effect embodies a signature of the cause. The effect - sustained (and yet destroyed) by two identical, yet opposite forces work on a different plane. Our human costumes, an effect of the maker’s cause runs two forces – one that nourishes the physical skin, muscles and bones and the other assists the workings of the inner self. The two selves are aware of one another in the beginning. The former is transitory, destructive, and formidable; the latter, sustains, clears, and offers the healing.

Every such coupling forces have their purpose, the better each force understand the other force, the better the cohesion to sustain and destroy.

Another example – the progenitor, quite different from our maker, creates two forces in the same plane – the male and the female. The male and female principles are different and opposite. They are forces that sustain a clan, a race, or a species and process the race’s decay.

What Sohaam Offers


Increased Focus. Increased Creativity. Increased Memory.


Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations. Building skills to manage your stress.


You fathom lights and forms - the essential “geography” of the inner world, the subtle body - you emerge a different person


Loving Kindness

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Explore the area. Dare the rapids on rafts. Flow under the Laxman Jhula, and Ram Jhula suspension bridges and watch the laid-back, ancient city from the quick flowing river.

Step into total wilderness of Neelkanth range, where Elephants and Tigers swarm into this natural habitat of theirs. Where Monkeys, Orangutans, Bulls, Ox, Cow, Deer live in harmony with humans and sadhus. An ecosystem built many thousands of years back.

About Anita Acharya
Anita Acharya

Anita Acharya

Yogi, Philosopher, Astrologer

Didi Acharya Anita is an astrologer, spiritual teacher and a life coach. She believes that the physical, mental, and divine power of meditation can direct anyone to lead positive and enlightened lives, regardless of any belief system. Acharya Anita believes that selfless service is her ultimate purpose and a way to express her gratitude, respect, and love for others. She is the founder of Sarvha Foundation and continues to positively impact the lives of thousands of people through her social work and philanthropy.

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