“While you are Him, learn to become Him” - revealed as Purusha Soham Asmi - पुरुषः सोऽहमस्मि – translated, “I, Purusha within You” - Isha Upanishad, Hymn 16

River Ganges sprouts from the Himalayan Range, carrying with her the ancient recipes that maintain health and long life. At Soha’am, we intercept her flow into a region higher in altitude to Rishikesh. At this open sourced Soha’am meditation cottage, you experience the unpolluted river, the untarnished air and waterfront – a true center of healing.

In Rishikesh’s neighborhood, we chose a pristine area by the river front where Vayu and Ganga will restore your health and well-being. A perfect place to reset the body-mind-spirit harmony. Meditate, if you wish. Learn the techniques to de-stress. Eat and drink the best of fruits, bread, juices and nectar, made from pure, unfarmed wild berries and wheat. Swim the clear riverbank or ferry the waves in rafts. Laze in the shaded beaches. A perfect place to let go.

The proposed cottage will replace the existing structure. The facility is accessible from the highway; however, the place offers limited parking. As you can gauge from the images, River Ganges runs 50-70 feet below the parking area. From the parking down to the beaches, we will equip the facility to handle handicap access and elevator shafts for quick descent. The facility will run from dawn to dusk with no provisions for night stay. We will equip the facility with relevant books, videos, food, pantry, drinking water, first-aid, shower stalls, bathing towels and toiletries, internet wifi access, charging stations, and lockers.

The access to the beach and the river is at level 2. We restrict swimming to a section clearly earmarked by visible white ropes, floats, and buoys, and when a lifeguard is on duty. Rafting is possible from a different designated beach.

We will provide accommodations at a friendly resort at Rishikesh. Shuttle services between the Soha’am Center and Resort will run every hour from dawn to dusk. Breakfast and dinner will be at the Resort. Rishikesh provides several dining options, and you can access either by foot or car service. Please note: Local laws prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, firearms or weapons of any kind, nudity, and any activity inappropriate to the local laws and the facility’s integrity.

Things to do besides meditation, fire pit meditations and astrology at the facility